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About Kimberley


Kimberley began her involvement with Middle Eastern Dance 13 years ago. Building on earlier dance and modeling experience, she has developed an elegant and graceful belly dance style. Recognised for her beautiful dance performance presentations and presentations she has built her dance philosophies around ensuring a quality of dance presentation and working to high performance standards.

Prior to belly dance Kimberley had instruction in ballet, jazz ballet as well as theatre experience. Her belly dance performance experience incorporates troupe work, solo cabaret performance as well as the highly successful "Belly Dancing Twins". Kimberley's solo performances are particularly popular for corporate work, private parties, celebrity events and the theatre.

Kimberley has been traveling to Turkey now for the last 10 years to research the dance there and has as a result developed her own distinctive dance style based around Turkish themes and Egyptian disciplines. Invited in 2004 to teach at the Turkish Music and Dance Centre based in Bodrum she introduced groups and individuals to the Turkish Dance Style. In 2004 Kimberley also became the resident dancer and regularly performed at one of Turkeys highest quality coastal resorts.

Kimberley's teaching style is in depth, structured and knowledgeable. She has developed a teaching methodology based around her earlier study of Raqs Sharqi body alignment and supportive posture.As well as teaching classes incorporating veil work, floor work, developing choreographies and sword balancing, Kimberley's workshops in Turkish Oryantal have become very popular. She has run workshops in this area internationally as well as Turkey.